I never thought it would happen to me. In fact, I never really believed in it or thought of the possibility of it being real. Now I am one of those who have the symptoms and actually have had for a while if I think back, only now they are more intense and have pushed me to research this condition seeking to understand what is happening to me . If any of you out there are experiencing symptoms please feel free to share in the comments box.

Ascension I have been reading is the process of shifting into a higher vibration. Apparently the earth is going through this transformation and taking a lot of us with it. This higher vibration is affecting everyone whether they know it or not. Some of us have agreed to co-0perate with this process at a time and place we do not remember, but it is part of our evolutionary process.

The symptoms are many and various from unexplained headaches, blurry eyesight, pressure, sinus conditions, heart palpitations, movement of energy in various places in the body, prickling, itching , inability to focus, unexplained emotions etc ., lucid dreams, the list goes on. As all of these can also be a medical condition it is important to see your doctor if you are worried.

Looking back over the year,I can see I have experienced many of these symptoms for which doctors were unable to find a cause. I have had the sinus condition, heart palpitations, trouble focusing the eyes. I have seen lights and smelled scents that had no observable source.

Right now I am feeling like my head and hair are being touched and I feel a pins and needles energy running through my body. I have read that this is about releasing old energy and blocks that may be entirely unconscious. This can be uncomfortable, but it helps to understand that the body is being prepared to carry more light, a higher frequency, and to be able to do this the old material has to be discharged. Much of the work happens when I am relaxed or trying to sleep which has it’s challenges. But I have found that I can ask my angels, guides and ancestors to tone it down when it gets too intense or give me a break on some nights if it is in my highest good to do so.

Some practices that have helped me are: meditation, breath work, reiki and massage. It is also important to eat well and exercise, get adequate rest, and don’t go into fear, trust that this is a natural process of evolution orchestrated by the creator for the highest good of all.

I have found this paper by Amit Goswami Phd. to be helpful in understanding this process:  Ascension Stimulus Package.






God Is


God is the underlying energy in all things

The light at the heart of every cell and atom

The gravity that attracts

The divine artist

The all pervading intelligence of the universe

The sweet and peaceful center of the hurricane

Creating, destroying, but remaining the same

The beginning, the ending and the middle

The source of everything manifest

Everything and nothing

Here and there and nowhere

Love beyond understanding

The open heart

The mystery

There is nowhere God is not

And where God is

All is well


Forgiveness is a Noun


To give before it is even necessary

As if nothing had happened

And nothing did

No one can damage your spirit

Unless you let them

Forgiveness is a state of being

Open, allowing

Understanding that all unloving acts

Come from pain

And you are not guilty

Forgiveness is a way of being in the world

But not of it

Not a victim or a victimizer

But a soul standing in wholeness

And compassion


To let go of the past 

And be present now

with nothing tugging at your sleeve

Clearing Emotions


In our busy world we often don’t take time to feel our emotions

Depression is rampant

But depression is just the result of putting a lid on feeling

The determination not to feel anything

When emotions get stuck 

Numbness is the result

Normally feelings move

Like clouds across the sky

Feelings are just weather

Sometimes it’s sunny 

And sometimes it rains

And sometimes there’s a big storm

And then it clears

All that is necessary to move emotions

Is to sit quietly and observe them

Let go of the story and repetitive thinking

That keeps them stuck

Just feel them purely


Allow them to be

If there is resistance

Feel the fear


Let it be

Unless you want to hold onto the cloudy day

The mind will clear

Hint:  When you are feeling your emotions be aware of your breath.   Holding your breath keeps the energy of the          feeling from moving.



Gratitude leads to love 

As fear drives anger

The practice of gratitude

Lifts our vibration

As anger and fear lower it

When we feel gratitude

We feel light and free

More light becomes available

No matter how dark things see

There is always something to be grateful for

One thing appreciated

Can open a crack for the light to get in

Even when all seems lost

We can be grateful we are held

By a vast and loving presence

That permeates our being

And know despite all seeming

All will be well.