God Is


God is the underlying energy in all things

The light at the heart of every cell and atom

The gravity that attracts

The divine artist

The all pervading intelligence of the universe

The sweet and peaceful center of the hurricane

Creating, destroying, but remaining the same

The beginning, the ending and the middle

The source of everything manifest

Everything and nothing

Here and there and nowhere

Love beyond understanding

The open heart

The mystery

There is nowhere God is not

And where God is

All is well


Forgiveness is a Noun


To give before it is even necessary

As if nothing had happened

And nothing did

No one can damage your spirit

Unless you let them

Forgiveness is a state of being

Open, allowing

Understanding that all unloving acts

Come from pain

And you are not guilty

Forgiveness is a way of being in the world

But not of it

Not a victim or a victimizer

But a soul standing in wholeness

And compassion


To let go of the past 

And be present now

with nothing tugging at your sleeve