Believing is not Knowing


To believe is not the same as knowing

Knowing stands unsupported by belief

Knowing always was and  always will be

The innermost core of your being

Believing is just something you learned

Useful for a time , maybe

But ultimately beliefs separate

Knowing comes from the place where all is one

Where we’re all the same

Truth cannot be defined by belief

The truth that we always knew

The truth we are beginning to remember…..


  1. This is so very true! Our individual lives are exercises in belief, which are the filters and wellsprings of our thoughts and experiences. Truth and Knowledge do not depend upon our belief or even our experience of them. They simply Are. I, too, believe that it’s the truth we have always known and will eventually remember. Belief, on the other hand, can be erected to keep the memory of truth at bay … for a time anyway!


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