Believing is not Knowing


To believe is not the same as knowing

Knowing stands unsupported by belief

Knowing always was and  always will be

The innermost core of your being

Believing is just something you learned

Useful for a time , maybe

But ultimately beliefs separate

Knowing comes from the place where all is one

Where we’re all the same

Truth cannot be defined by belief

The truth that we always knew

The truth we are beginning to remember…..

We See What We Believe

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We see what we believe

Beliefs are the lens

Determining our vision

The physic structure we live within

Take a walk inside

Is  this physic house too small

Shall we change it for a larger one

With, perhaps more windows and doors

Or perhaps we could step out of it altogether

And live here in the open

Just being

One with it all

No belief structure needed


Don’t Believe Everything You Think


Thoughts are mysterious

Where do they come from

Where do they go

Are they even really ours

Or are they just passing through

Some thoughts become beliefs

A bunch together make a story


Unless we believe every thing we think

A trap, self limiting

Do you think you are your thoughts

Do you feel the need to defend them

Are you attached to your stories

Or can you retell them a different way

Or let go of them altogether

Do the stories you tell yourself  define who you are

Or do you know that you are the infinite space

In which they occur

Do you let them come and go as they will

Without  identifying

You are that peace undefinable


Thoughts are your play

Not your job.

Clearing Emotions


In our busy world we often don’t take time to feel our emotions

Depression is rampant

But depression is just the result of putting a lid on feeling

The determination not to feel anything

When emotions get stuck 

Numbness is the result

Normally feelings move

Like clouds across the sky

Feelings are just weather

Sometimes it’s sunny 

And sometimes it rains

And sometimes there’s a big storm

And then it clears

All that is necessary to move emotions

Is to sit quietly and observe them

Let go of the story and repetitive thinking

That keeps them stuck

Just feel them purely


Allow them to be

If there is resistance

Feel the fear


Let it be

Unless you want to hold onto the cloudy day

The mind will clear

Hint:  When you are feeling your emotions be aware of your breath.   Holding your breath keeps the energy of the          feeling from moving.



Gratitude leads to love 

As fear drives anger

The practice of gratitude

Lifts our vibration

As anger and fear lower it

When we feel gratitude

We feel light and free

More light becomes available

No matter how dark things see

There is always something to be grateful for

One thing appreciated

Can open a crack for the light to get in

Even when all seems lost

We can be grateful we are held

By a vast and loving presence

That permeates our being

And know despite all seeming

All will be well.

Criticism is Always Destructive


There is no such thing as constructive criticism

What is really happening is that the critic

Gets to feel superior under the guise of being helpful

And if the criticized one is upset

Then they are told they are too sensitive

And that the critic only had their best interest at heart.

Far better to encourage and show by example

Practice kindness, not criticism

With all you meet, including yourself

It brings out the best in everyone it touches