Judgement or Discernment


When we judge something as good or bad

We are saying it shouldn’t be in our world

The price we pay is to shut off a part of ourselves

Closing our hearts to what is possible

A part of us becomes numb

But when we are open to all people and circumstances

Without judgement

We are in the moment and in touch

With our larger being, peaceful  and changeless

Connected to all of life

Aligned with what is

Aligned and connected

We can then tune into  discernment

Discernment  is like a humming bird

It is the inner radar which is tuned to sweetness

The hummingbird doesn’t  fly around judging the flowers

But feeling one with all that is

Allows the universal intelligence to guide her to the sweet flowers

We all have this radar inside of us

This compass

When we put judgments aside and listen

When we stop judging out of our past conditioning

And are willing to follow our inner compass

Beyond two dimensional judgments of good or bad

The  multi dimensional universal intelligence

Will guide us to the sweetness


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