Yin and Yang


Both yin and yang

Light and dark

Up and down

Round and round

You can’t have one without the other

There is no beloved without the lover

But when you are one

The two are wedded

You’re not of the world and the world is not ended

The world contains both black and white

Contain them all in your self

And remain upright

Right and wrong

Good and bad

Two sides of a coin which make a whole

To stand in the center is the goal

To ride the waves, your balance sure

Strengthen your sea legs

That’s the cure

When all around you is at sea

Stand in your truth

And let it be



Judgement or Discernment


When we judge something as good or bad

We are saying it shouldn’t be in our world

The price we pay is to shut off a part of ourselves

Closing our hearts to what is possible

A part of us becomes numb

But when we are open to all people and circumstances

Without judgement

We are in the moment and in touch

With our larger being, peaceful  and changeless

Connected to all of life

Aligned with what is

Aligned and connected

We can then tune into  discernment

Discernment  is like a humming bird

It is the inner radar which is tuned to sweetness

The hummingbird doesn’t  fly around judging the flowers

But feeling one with all that is

Allows the universal intelligence to guide her to the sweet flowers

We all have this radar inside of us

This compass

When we put judgments aside and listen

When we stop judging out of our past conditioning

And are willing to follow our inner compass

Beyond two dimensional judgments of good or bad

The  multi dimensional universal intelligence

Will guide us to the sweetness



A feeling of inner or outer struggle is the result of resistance to what is.

The paradox is, that when you stop resisting anything

When you accept the inner and outer experience

You become unstuck

You are drawn into the natural flow of life

Shoulds are the Lock on Beliefs


A thought beginning with the word,” should”

Is a lock on a belief that says it’s true and can’t be changed

The paradox is the actual belief is opposite from the,”should”statement

For example, if you find a familiar thought is,” People should be kind”

You are really saying people are unkind

With that as a core belief

You will see unkindness everywhere

And attract those who are truly unkind just to prove it

The truth is everyone is both kind and unkind

To unlock this belief, be kind yourself and

associate with those who are kind also

No” shoulds” about it

Thoughts are Creative


You see what you believe

Beliefs are thoughts with emotion behind them

Something you decided in the past

Which becomes your way of seeing

Your way of making sense of the world

Usually formulated in childhood

For good or ill

Sometimes we are not really conscious of what we believe

Take a look at your life

What you believe is reflected there

Beliefs limit your experience

Till you really take a closer look

And decide if they are still true 

Do these habitual thoughts still  work for you

Or do you need to let them go

And step into a more spacious reallity